Birra Peroni and Bari, a love story

Bari – Murat Room

April 18-30, 2013

The exhibition centers on a wealth of images that demonstrate the most important phases in the historic and passionate relationship that connects Birra Peroni with the Puglia region, and in particular the inhabitants of Bari, which was central to the company’s growth in south central Italy. In 1924, the Bari plant—a strategic outpost between Europe and the Middle East—was opened in the presence of local authorities.

The affinity between Birra Peroni and the local community was instant, and it was reaffirmed over the following years as the company participated in the region’s most important social and economic activities. Within a few years of the plant’s 1963 modernization, it reached a production capacity of 1 million hectoliters, serving four bottling centers and 150 concessionaires located in Puglia, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Molise and Calabria.

The company’s ongoing investments and its energy have, over time, enriched and solidified the bond between Birra Peroni and the city of Bari. Since 1924. that bond has resulted in employment, development, and a relationship with the region.

The audience can retrace the most powerful moments of the relationship that binds Birra Peroni to Italy—and in particular to Bari—in the following sections of the exhibition: “For us, who believe in Italy”; “We believe in our history”; “We believe in our relationship with the region; “We believe in work”; “We believe in people”; “We believe in quality”.