Birra Peroni: from 1846, an Italian story

Viterbo - Palazzo degli Alessandri

June 27 - July 6, 2014

Birra Peroni has an old history: its birth predates the unification of Italy, and its life is intertwined with the most important moments in the country’s history.

This exhibition—set up for Caffeina 2014 and created using documents and objects from Birra Peroni’s Historical Archive and Museum—explores the idea of quality as embodied by long-held vocations, from the careful choice of raw materials to historic relationships with farmers, from how the company sends its technical staff to the finest educational institutions in the beer world to how it selects cutting-edge machinery and technologies.

Throughout its history, Birra Peroni has focused on ideas that are more current than ever. While Birra Peroni focuses on quality and sustainability in order to enhance a region’s resources and support its local communities, the same cannot be said for all producers.