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An Italian story of quality, sustainability, passion and talent that has charmed the whole world

Since 1846, the company has been closely linked to the history of our country. With three production plants in Italy, in Rome, Bari and Padua, and a malthouse, S.a.p.l.o, in Pomezia, with an annual beer production of more than 7 million hectoliters, of which over 2 million are exported.

About us

quality, and

We are an Italian company, part of the Asahi group, linked to the history and tradition of our country for over 170 years. Since our founding in Vigevano in 1846, thanks to the success of our brands, we have become one of the most important Italian businesses and a symbol of Made in Italy around the world.
The quality, sustainability, tradition, passion and talent of our people are the pillars of our business. We believe that our assets aren’t just the moments of joy that we create with our beers, but also the people we work with, the consumers who drink our beers, the farmers, and the communities in which we operate.
Only by creating a positive impact on all of the above can we create a heritage of which we can be truly proud.

What we do

since 1846

For over 170 years we have been producing beers with quality ingredients such as 100% Italian Malt and “Mais Nostrano” Corn, supporting the value chain step by step to bring a unique product to tables all over the world. Our respect for the needs of consumers and customers is renewed every day through high quality products; a commitment that is at the foundation of our work.

Our Group

Asahi Group Holdings

Birra Peroni is now part of the Asahi group, a large international organization with a global reach, boasting a history of over a hundred years and a shared set of values that continue to guide us. Asahi Europe and International, established in 2016, is the European division of Asahi Group Holdings.

Our governance

“Our corporate governance system pursues the utmost transparency and fairness.
Aware of the social importance of the Group’s activities, the objectives set by this corporate governance system are the creation of value and the commitment to protect all interests involved.”

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