Birra Peroni Historical Archive and Museum

A journey through
our shared history

A repository of history and stories so that we can remember where we come from and shape future innovation

We protect our history, storing a collection of documents, images, films and objects that showcase our journey and play a role in projects that spotlight and enrich our identity.

Birra Peroni Historical Archive

Our archives

The Birra Peroni Historical Archive, governed by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities, preserves documents produced by the company between the end of the 19th century and the 1950s. The archive includes papers from the Bari, Naples, Livorno and Padua plants, as well as from the companies which Birra Peroni acquired. Additional papers cover the decades from 1960 to the present, for a total of 500 linear meters of documents. In addition, there is a vast collection of media and objects that includes packaging, shop materials, machinery and tools. A library of over 1,000 texts rounds out Birra Peroni’s cultural collection.

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Birra Peroni Museum

The exhibition

The Birra Peroni Museum features objects, images, original documents and period films that highlight the history and current position of the company and its brands, and also illustrate its relationship with historical customs and society. The three sections that make up the museum correspond to the three cornerstones of Birra Peroni’s success over time: industrial history, as viewed from a local and a national perspective; the history of the product and its consumption in the Italian market; and the history of its advertising, from the early 1900s to the invention of Bionda Peroni (Peroni Blonde) and its subsequent evolution.

Practical info

Birra Peroni Historical Archive and Museum

Address: Via Renato Birolli, 8 – 00155 Rome

Tel: +39 06 22544.1


Access to the archive is allowed for study and research, with appropriate documentation.
Groups may visit the museum on weekdays by appointment.
Free entry.