Welfare & Well-Being

More than just
a workplace

Putting people first

We are committed to creating dedicated plans to take care of our people and their wellbeing

Welfare & Well-Being

and financial

We offer competitive compensation packages, challenging and varied incentive programs, and professional and nonprofessional insurance, allowing us to support our people and their families. Our employees have access to numerous conventions and discounts, as well as a flexible benefits plan.

Welfare & Well-Being

Physical and mental

Our packages are created to help our employees to lead a healthy life, with medical insurance, as well as assistance in many other areas, from psychological support to legal and financial aid.

Welfare & Well-Being

Personal and social well-being

We believe that a balanced lifestyle helps our people to better organise their days, so we offer additional parental leave and an agile Hybrid Working program to promote a healthy work-life balance.

How does our flexible working model work?

The ideas behind our flexible working programme is thanks to the research we conducted directly with our people, beginning with a survey and followed by dedicated focus groups. The program has three key areas:


We work according to objectives and we evaluate our employees by results, not how much time they spend in the office. That’s why we have eliminated clocking in and out.


Our employees can work up to 50% of their monthly hours remotely, without fixed days in the office, so they can have maximum flexibility.


We have regulated meetings by defining specific times and days, so that our people can better organize their personal and professional commitments

Welfare & Well-Being

Well-being in the

We put people’s wellbeing first when redesigning the offices in our Rome HQ, which have been totally rebuilt to express the full potential of hybrid working. These are spaces that facilitate collaboration by assuring faster communication and giving space for teamwork, for maximum flexibility and making it easy to build valuable connections.