Campus Peroni

Our Center of Excellence
for a sustainable
value chain

A site for developing and promoting a culture of quality, innovation and sustainability in agriculture

A venue for the exchange of ideas within the academic world, as well as research and production regarding our heritage and the sustainability of the value chain.

The inception

Our idea

Our experience has taught us the value of meeting different people and of experimenting in the field. From there, the idea for Campus Peroni was born in 2018: a project centered on people, training, research and innovation.

The project

Our motivation

A course aimed at developing and promoting a culture of quality and sustainability in the agricultural and grain sector. At Campus Peroni we hold events and meetings that build a dense network of connections, which helps enhance the supply chain.

The partner

A positive exchange

Campus Peroni was born from a collaboration between Birra Peroni, CREA (Council for Agricultural Research and Analysis of Agricultural Economics) and the academic world. A new approach to training and innovation based on the two pillars of Birra Peroni: namely, the sustainable cultivation of two-row beer barley and 100% Italian malt. The latter is the main ingredient in our beer, which dates back to 1846.

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