Growing together

We cultivate
our most important

The right blend of knowledge

The key ingredient of our success is people. That’s why we to offer our people the opportunity to participate in development and training. Our ambition is for everyone to have access to the right development at the right time for their career path.

Learning Academy

Lifelong development

We created the Birra Peroni Learning Academy to support the development of a corporate culture that is open to change and able to release energy and potential. It is a space that respects ideas, people and results, with experience and learning at its heart, so we can look to the future by valuing what each of us does best. The Academy aims to offer a training and information service that is agile, personalized and accessible. It allows all employees, and in the future our partners, to continue to strive for excellence, evolve and grow.

Our training areas

The Learning Academy features 4 training areas, each of which focuses on specific thematic learning and development paths. As part of its ongoing evolution, our Academy draws on a pool of in-house trainers.

Induction for
new employees

Welcoming new colleagues with an engaging and interactive overview of our company.


From production to tapping, a complete journey of discovery of our product: beer.

& Managerial Skills

Development initiatives for our leaders, with a focus on effective team management and engagement.


The driver of our people’s skils in a cross-functional perspective between organizational levels.

Our development areas

Our assessment

Tools for the continuous management of talent and performance within the organization.


Actions that aim to create value for the people who make up our company.

The Development of
Corporate Culture

Initiatives that aim to promote an inclusive sharing culture based on our Behaviours.