Our culture

Let’s work

Looking to the past so that we can grow in the future

Our work together is fueled by commitment and passion, empowered by a history of quality and tradition, and focused on innovation and sustainability for the future.

Our culture

A vision that highlights our values

At Birra Peroni we want to create value for our people, our brands, our consumers, and our partners, so that everyone feels proud and happy.

Our culture

Our mission:

We are focused on people’s well-being, so that they can find their purpose in a workplace culture that emphasizes responsibility, respect, and inclusiveness. Likewise, we aim to deliver on our commitment to our customers: products that taste great and add a splash of fun to their lives.

Our culture

Concrete values

Our values are the four pillars on which our strategy is based. We aim to create an inclusive culture that nurtures talent, that leads to continuous improvement, and that supports the well-being of both our people and our consumers.

Fostering a welcoming and inclusive culture

We carefully select and nurture our people, offering them opportunities for growth, development and satisfaction.

Promoting talent growth

We take great care to identify and develop talent, encouraging our staff to grow while respecting each person’s time and unique needs.

Promoting and supporting well-being

We are committed every day to supporting the well-being of both our people and our customers.

Building an agile and consumer-oriented organization

Through continuous improvement, we enable people to handle the challenges we face in today’s world.