Our People

Birra Peroni:
The Place to Beer

A space for generating value and making connections

People are at the heart of our company. We work tirelessly to create valueable connections for them, from brands to consumers, partners and the communities we work with.

Our culture

Working together
with passion

From field to glass, our culture is deeply rooted in a passionate approach, dedication, and the simple knowledge that we are strongest when we work together.

Welfare & Wellbeing

We’re more
than just a workplace

We take care of our people. Every day, we strive to promote an all-round culture of wellbeing.

Growing Together

We nurture our
most important
resource of all

Personal and professional development is a continuous journey, and no one ever stops growing. At Birra Peroni, we believe that education and development should be available for all, to propel them towards new heights, with an enthustic and mindful approach.

Divrsity & Inclusion


We celebrate and respect difference, and support every person’s freedom too be themselves: at work, at home and in their free time. We believe in a world where everyone can shine.

Working at Birra Peroni

Join Us

Working at Birra Peroni means sharing our values and passion. It means embracing diversity, inclusion, ongoing learning and mental and physical health. Here, we share a common belief that talent should be motivated and cultivated.