Our ingredients

The essential
of our beer

Water, barley malt, yeast, hops and Nostrano Maize of the finest quality enhance the flavour of our beers

Our beers are made from carefully-selected ingredients grown in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly fashion.

The ingredients

Barley Malt

Malt is obtained by processing cereals, especially barley, wheat, rye, oats and corn. Barley is generally used in beer production due to its climatic and geographical resistance and adaptability. Malting occurs in three stages: germination, drying and roasting. The latter stage is essential for different characteristics and flavours to develop: darker malt makes beer with a more pronounced flavour, while a lighter malt yields fresher, greener notes. Our beers are produced only with 100% Italian malt, made from barley grown and ripened under the Italian sun.



It takes about 4 litres of water to make one litre of beer. The water we use for our beers is top quality, bacteria-free, and locally sourced. Water can have different compositions, hardness and organoleptic properties that influence the quality of the beer: hard water enhances the bitterness of roasted malt and is suitable for making stout, porter, bock and doppelbock; soft water is suitable for pils and lager.



Yeast is formed by microorganisms which transform the sugar in the wort into alcohol. The yeast used in the fermentation of beer belongs to the Saccharomyces family, the same used in making wine. The temperature of the wort to which the yeast is added determines the type of beer produced, as different temperatures generate different reactions.



The hop is a climbing plant whose female flowers contain lupulin, an aromatic and resinous substance that gives beer its characteristic bitter taste. Its most important components are tannins, oils and bitter acids, which are excellent antiseptics and preservatives. Added during boiling, hops act in different ways based on the variety of hops, the hopping method, and the moment the hops are added: they impart bitterness when added at the beginning of boiling, and flavour when added at the end. Hops also clarify beer and improve foam stability.


Mais Nostrano Corn

The corn used in our beer comes only from selected Italian growers who use non-GM seeds and the most advanced agronomic techniques for safeguarding the health and quality of the harvest. Nostrano Maize is now used for the production of Peroni Nastro Azzurro.