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About us

Our company

An Italian tale of quality, sustainability, passion and talent that has charmed the world.

Our beers


Our commitment

From the field to the table, we are committed to creating a heritage we can be proud of, alongside everyone in our value chain.

Goals 2030

2.75 litres of water

for 1 liter of beer

100% sustainably

sourced raw materials

100% reusable

or fully recyclable packaging

Gender equality

in our leadership team

20% of products

are non-alcoholic

Zero CO2 emissions

in our plants and -30%
in the entire value chain

Our people

Birra Peroni: the place to beer

People have always been our most important asset. Training, inclusion and diversity are the basis of our culture.

Our history

Italian since 1846

For 175 years we have been preserving our history so it can serve as both a guide and an inspiration for the future.