About us

Creators of
meaningful connections

We craft our beer with a purpose: to provide an
extraordinary flavor experience that brings joy

We blend our history, expertise, and enthusiasm to create sustainable beers of the highest quality for people around the globe.

Purpose, Mission and Values

Social and environmental sustainability is at the heart of what we do

We are passionate promoters of meaningful connections – together we can make a real difference for the planet, people and communities.

Our company

An Italian company
on an international

We are an Italian entity, proud to be part of the renowned international group Asahi, bringing together shared values and longstanding heritage.

Where we are

Our presence in Italy

With three production plants and one malthouse across the Italian landscape, we consistently deliver quality beer for all our brands to satisfy our consumers’ tastes.

Executive Committee

Our leadership

A leadership team that works together to foster meaningful connections, reach our goals, and expand brands on the international stage.