Diversity & Inclusion

Shine as you are

We believe in the value of diversity

We’re convinced that our differences not only drive innovation but also spark creativity. That’s why, day in and day out, we’re working hard to create an environment where everyone can just be themselves and shine.

Our Manifesto


#ShineAsYouAre is our group manifesto – a shared commitment across the entire Asahi family. It sums up our dedication to Diversity & Inclusion. The best part? It came to life thanks to input from our awesome colleagues who helped shape its essence.

Our Pledge

Equal Opportunities for All

We believe in the value of inclusion. We’ve extended all the benefits offered to spouses to cover civil unions and de facto partnerships too, regardless of who you love.

Our Promise

Parental Policy

To balance the weight of family commitments, we’ve rolled out a new parental policy. It’s all about giving intentional or de facto parents equal opportunities: extra paternity days, extended leave for intentional or de facto parents, 80% remote work, and mentoring for all.

Our Commitment

Women in STEM

We’ve teamed up with ELIS, a non-profit training group, to create STEMtoBEer. It’s an initiative that guides high schoolers towards STEM careers, offering internships to female students to work towards gender diversity in the tech and science sectors.

Employee Resource Group

BE powER

Our in-house squad, BE powER, is all about creating a more inclusive workspace. They’re on a mission to support and empower the women of Birra Peroni today and tomorrow. From Shadowing experiences to Wo-Mentoring projects, they’re all about boosting each other’s potential.

Our partnerships

Valore D

With Valore D, we actively participate in promoting a culture that embraces and values diversity, fostering the creation of an inclusive work environment in which every individual is an active part of change.

LEAD Network

Together with the Asahi group, we are an active part of LEAD, as we believe in a model where both men and women can contribute their full potential, allowing their organisations to create maximum value.

Parks - liberi e uguali

With Parks – Liberi e Uguali (Free and Equal) we work tirelessly to focus on the one of the most culturally challenging areas of Diversity Management, sexual orientation and gender identity.