Diversity & Inclusion

Shine as you are

We value diversity and promote inclusion

We recognize the fundamental importance of staying true to yourself in the pursuit of your personal and professional growth goals, which is why we have established programs and partnerships so that everyone can shine as they are, both inside and outside the company.

Our Manifesto


#ShineAsYouAre is the common manifesto for the entire Asahi Group that encapsulates our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion. It is a clear manifesto that was created thanks to the contributions of many colleagues who actively participated in its definition.

Our Commitment

Parental Policy

Our parental policy puts the well-being of children first, giving them as much time as possible with both parents.
The policy also encourages a fairer redistribution of family responsibilities, so all parents have equal opportunities, whether genitori intenzionali (intentional parents) or de facto, and regardless of gender, marital status or sexual orientation.


extra days’
paternity leave


days’ leave for genitori intenzionali
(intentional parents) or de facto


remote working for
the child’s first 3 years

Our Commitment

New supplementary

We believe that a healthy work-life balance is essential. That’s why our latest supplementary contract allows remote working up to 50% of working hours and introduces new paid leave.
We believe in the value of inclusion; we have extended the provisions for married people to civil unions and de facto cohabitations, regardless of sexual orientation.

Our Commitment

STEM to BEer

An orientation project developed together with the non-profit training organisation ELIS involving over 250 female students from classes IV and V of technical institutes.
Meetings with STEM women from Birra Peroni, individual interviews and 6 internships for female students: one of our contributions to increasing gender diversity in technical and scientific professions.

Our Commitment

Odd and Even

A podcast produced in collaboration with Scuola Holden to talk about the experience of different generations of women with inclusion and equal opportunities.
Our shared history and Peroni’s commitment to the theme of female inclusion create a discussion how the role of women in the company and in society as a whole has evolved.

Our partnerships

Valore D

With Valore D, we actively participate in promoting a culture that embraces and values diversity, fostering the creation of an inclusive work environment in which every individual is an active part of change.

LEAD Network

Together with the Asahi group, we are an active part of LEAD, as we believe in a model where both men and women can contribute their full potential, allowing their organisations to create maximum value.

Parks - liberi e uguali

With Parks – Liberi e Uguali (Free and Equal) we work tirelessly to focus on the one of the most culturally challenging areas of Diversity Management, sexual orientation and gender identity.