Our history

A story 175 years
in the making

We have been making beer in Italy since 1846, and we preserve our history as a blueprint and inspiration for the future

For many years, history has been central to our identity: we cherish our historical heritage, we protect it, and we spotlight it through out Historical Archive and our company museum, as well as at exhibitions and events.

The story

The stages of
the company’s history

From the founding of Francesco Peroni’s company in Vigevano until to the present, through the wars of the unification movement, industrial expansion, world wars and the boom that followed: the development of a company that has witnessed so much of Italy’s social and cultural history.

Birra Peroni Historical Archive and Museum

Sharing our

Over 500 linear meters of documentation, a collection of objects and media, and a historical narrative that focuses how the company has excelled over the years: a repository for local, national and international stories that can be visited by reservation at the factory in Rome.


Traveling exhibitions,
events and other
ways we share
our story

Whether independently or as part of cultural and institutional partnerships, we showcase our company culture by reaching different regions and their respective communities through temporary exhibitions and events that celebrate the company’s history, both locally and nationally.