Acqua e Birra per Roma Capitale – Water and Beer for the Capital

Rome - State Archives

May 17 - June 30, 2018

“The idea for the exhibition arose from two events: the State Archives’ acquisition of the large archive of the Acqua Marcia in Rome, which will soon be a rich source of historical information on the city; and the enhancements undertaken by the Birra Peroni Historical Archive, which is protected by the Archival Superintendent for Lazio and carefully preserved at the Roman plant on Via Collatina. The historical relationship between water and beer is intertwined with the urban and demographic growth of the capital, ensuring that the Acqua Marcia and Birra Peroni companies inextricably linked their destiny to that of the Eternal City. The State Archives of Rome therefore developed this exhibition, together with the Birra Peroni Historical Archive, out of the belief that these archives are paradigmatic in the relationship they have with urban history.”

Paolo Buonora – Director of the State Archives of Rome

“The history of Birra Peroni is inextricably linked with Italy. The company was born over 170 years ago. It has grown thanks to Italian talents and, with a focus on innovation, it has taken root in the country, expanding from North to South and becoming an integral part of Italian economic and social life. Thanks to the collaboration with the State Archives of Rome, we have the opportunity to show an important part of Birra Peroni’s industrial and commercial growth as well as retrace the path that links it with the city of Rome, in which one of the three production plants is located. Vie dei due Macelli, the Colosseum, the citadel of Porta Pia, and Tor Sapienza are just some of the places that have witnessed the growth of the company that today more than ever celebrates Italy and Italians—past, present, future, tradition and innovation.”

Federico Sannella – External Relations Director of Birra Peroni