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Mais Nostrano

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Since 2007, we have worked with the ministry of agriculture’s Maiscoltura research unit in Bergamo to identify, develop, and preserve Italian corn varieties used in the production of beer.

This is how Nostrano Peroni came into being, as a variety of corn that combines the characteristics of our traditional corn with the most advanced techniques for agronomic selection and improvement.

The genetic origins of Nostrano are ancient and date back to Italian varieties such as Nostrano dell’Isola, Scagliolo Marne and Marano, traditionally grown in Italy as food.

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The quality of the end crop and its high yield are the key to the excellence of Nostrano Peroni maize. High quality and yield are achieved thanks to a strategy focussed on crop well-being which aims to limit and prevent stress and other obstacles to the development and growth of crops.

Italian corn plantations cover an area of approximately 1 million hectares, but only 600 hectares are dedicated to the cultivation of Nostrano Peroni: 180 hectares in Piedmont (southern Turin, Cuneo and Canavese), 200 hectares in Veneto, and 200 hectares in Lombardy.
It’s an economically important sector, employing 40 companies in Lombardy, 20 in Veneto and about 70 in Piedmont.
The perfect example of Made in Italy excellence, Nostrano corn is the main ingredient of Nastro Azzurro and gives it its uniquely dry and refreshing flavour.